Sermon: Today




A sermon from Rev. J. Mark Galang, District Superintendent for the Puget Sound Missional District of the Pacific Northwest Conference of the United Methodist Church.

“This pandemic has put a stress on many churches and now has highlighted the impact of the continuous decline in church membership. Something that has already been happening even before COVID. This  has really made some of our congregations rather looking back with sadness than trusting that a more just and beautiful future is yet to come.
So with this too much looking back and too much looking forward, that the present, “today” is lost in many people. 
“Today” becomes merely a stage upon which some people mourn the loss of past and/or fear the future that they cannot imagine. 
But we can’t afford to lose “today”, because today is where we are right now… because “today” invites us that we lay aside for a while both our memories of the glorious past and our dreams for a perfect tomorrow so we can embrace fully the moment of now.”
– Rev. J. Mark Galang

This video was recorded on January 3rd, 2021, at Gig Harbor UMC using proper health & safety precautions.

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