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First Sunday After Easter Worship

Resources to review and download for use by GNW Area churches

In partnership with staff members of the Pacific Northwest Conference (PNW) and the Regional Media Center, the Rev. Meredith Dodd has designed a worship experience for the First Sunday after Easter with contributors from across the region joining her. We hope this will bless local church members and give pastors and digital worship leaders a needed reprieve.

The week’s lectionary text (John 20:19-31, Jesus appears to Thomas) shapes the service and message with testimonials on how Jesus walks through walls to bring peace, forgiveness and healing. Participants add their gifts of music and reading to compliment this message.

Local churches are free to download and review these files today using the links provided. Caption files (.srt) are provided for elements of the worship service without onscreen text.

With these files, churches can schedule their worship at a time convenient for their local church on, or after Sunday, April 11, 2021.

Complete Service

If you would rather share a link to the complete service and not mess with downloading and reuploading, you can use the following link.

Individual Worship Service Components

4. Song – Christ is Risen, Shout Hosanna

7. Song – Because He Lives

8. Testimony – Rev. Jesse Farias

9. Testimony – Rev. Jorge Rodriguez

10. Testimony – Rev. Ruth Marsh & Logan Pickens

13. The Lord’s Prayer

14. Song – Christ Has Broken Down The Wall

16. Song – Mahal na mahal kita Panginoon