Substance Use Disorders – A Primer for Clergy




Addiction is rampant today, and churches are not immune. As Church Leaders it is important that we have a good understanding of addiction.

The opioid crisis has dominated headlines in recent years, but addiction of any kind is a concern for families, communities, and even the church. Many of us do not understand the power that substances have in people’s lives. Addiction to drugs, alcohol, or other substances can result in shame or blame and impacts every aspect of users’ lives. Loved ones suffer the pain and fear of watching their family member spiral out of control. Clergy may be confronted with people in their congregations who suffer with addiction and/or their family members (or ours) who need help knowing how to respond more appropriately. We may not be able to fix the problem, but with this webinar, we might be more informed, more supportive, and less judgmental. Topics to be addressed: What is substance use disorder? What are the common signs and symptoms? How might we help the substance user or their family members? What resources are available for recovery?

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