Deciphering Personality Disorders in the Church and Beyond




There are always one or two people in your congregation who know exactly how to push your buttons, alienate others and make even the most innocuous meeting agenda go suddenly awry.  Learn about the personality disorders that are often behind people’s bad behavior and how you can become more effective in dealing with them. While we will be addressing clinical material, the emphasis is not on diagnosis but on recognizing patterns of behavior and understanding the motivation behind them.  Through understanding, you can begin to take your encounters with such people less personally.  This restores balance to your interactions and enables you to set healthy boundaries that protect you from hurtful behavior.


  • Identify the five personality disorders most likely to be present in your congregations and understand the origins of these disorders.
  • Learn the basic principles of assertiveness and how to utilize them in your church.
  • Develop an awareness of the personalities to which you are most vulnerable based on your personal history.
  • Learn to implement appropriate boundaries that allow for healthy self-care without taking away from your family or your congregation.

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