Sermon: After the birth of Jesus, the work begins


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In a sermon offered for use by United Methodist congregations for Sunday, December 26th, 2021, the Rev. Dr. Leroy Barber reflects on what Jesus’ birth, and his life, initiated. Barber asks, “After we celebrate the wonders of Christmas, what is your plan to work it out?” Where we may be tempted to see the birth of Jesus as the conclusion of a holiday season, instead, it is a call to share a gospel that can change the world actively.

With Sunday falling directly after Christmas this year and with leaders still challenged by the pandemic, we offer this sermon in support and hope it provides a helpful option for some local churches.

Rev. Dr. Leroy Barber has dedicated 30 years living and working towards what Dr. King called “the beloved community.” An innovator, entrepreneur and lover of the arts, he serves as director of innovation for an engaged church for the Greater NW Area of The United Methodist Church. Leroy is also the co-founder o